Magenta Envy

When guests flooded into the Daytime Stage at the iHeart Radio Music Festival 2019, they were met with magenta, and lots of it. Sponsored by T-Mobile, the event called for branding and consumer touch-points throughout the entire festival footprint; a Magenta takeover that was sure to cause Magenta Envy in anyone who wasn’t already a T-Mobile customer. Our challenge was to combine a viewing deck with pockets of entertainment while also beating the desert heat. Acting as the central pipeline between the festival grounds, iHeart, T-Mobile, and a variety of vendors, we made sure the end product was flawlessly cool and noticeably chilly.

Club Magenta

We built out the unmissable Club Magenta, a two-story towering structure with the most supreme stage sightline. Surrounded by various lawn games like cornhole and Jenga and offering specialty cocktails, we made sure enjoyed their every moment at The Club.

Magenta. And then some more magenta. We Pantone matched each asset from carpeting to cups, popsicles to pillows, making sure T-Mobile’s iconic color was not missed.  The signature magenta color was also dispersed throughout the festival grounds with our eye-catching airbrush tattoo designs.

Wheel of Magenta

There’s nothing quite like the view from the top. That’s why we worked tirelessly to source a 75’ ferris wheel and branded it from head to toe. We rendered, designed, and fabricated a geometric entrance to the ferris wheel, giving the opportunity for a striking self-directed photo moment.

Magenta Everywhere

T-Mobile’s presence was felt well beyond the confines of Club Magenta.  Our custom charging stations throughout the festival grounds and within Club Magenta gave the perfect excuse to juice up. Keeping cool in the Vegas heat isn’t easy, but our mobile hydration jetpacks, water refill stations, and misters encouraged guests to stay hydrated now, and thank T-Mobile later.